Expo 2015, “Feeding the planet, Energy for life”

It’s the most awaited event of the next year. From May 1st to October 31st , Milan will be in the spotlight of all the media around the world.

Expo 2015: 184 days, more than 130 participants, an exhibition site of more than one million square meters, which will host about 20 million visitors. The main theme is “Feeding the planet, energy for life” and it wants to include everything related to food.

The concern for food quality in a world with a continuously growth of its population (it is estimated that in 2050 the inhabitants of the Earth will be 9 billion) is associated with an increasing scenarios with high risks related to the total amount of available food.

Can you ensure food and water to the world population, increase food security, provide new solutions and new perspectives in order to protect our Planet biodiversity?

The goal is not to provide a universal answers, but to raise questions and give to the visitors a set of useful tools to let them find answers by themselves. The debate will be built daily through events, exhibitions and conferences about:

- strengthen food quality and security;

- ensure a healthy nutrition:

- prevent new social ills of our age, from obesity to cardiovascular diseases, from cancer to spread epidemics;

- innovate the food chain through research and technology

- educate to a proper nutrition children and teens in order to promote a correct lifestyle;

- enhance the knowledge of “food traditions” as cultural and ethnic elements;

- preserve bio-diversity and respect environment;

- protect food quality and safety;

-  identify the best tools of control, such as biotechnologies, that are not a threat to to environment and health;

- ensure new food sources in areas of the world, where agriculture is not developed or that are threatened by desertification.

The visitors will be involved in first person, having in this way the opportunity to make a real journey around the world through flavors and traditions of many worldwide cultures.

Milan in 1906 has been formerly the seat of an International Exhibition related to transports.

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